SummerUnleashed has closed (although who knows when it might return!), thanks to everyone who entered and engaged with all the amazing photos and videos. Congrats to our winners!

Ash Hughes

Scott Weber

Patrick Guerrisi

We’ve done something fun. 

At the turn of the 2000s, you needed some pretty cool cameras and a bit of a specialised skill set to create inspiring travel and adventure photos and videos. Now all you need is your smart phone.  We’re all content creators, because we all have our devices that unlock our creativity!  Which is what we want you to do. Capture your summer. Share it with the world. Maybe it’s dancing under a perfect summer sunset, or jumping off a pier with friends, sharing a meal at Eastern Beach. Capture it. Create it. Share it. And you could win.

A great capture shares a moment in time. It has the power to transport people to a place, a feeling. We love the way photos and videos give life to our most extraordinary memories. And we want to see yours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Capture your summer unleashed on the device of your choice! We don’t care what you capture, friends, family, adventure, calm, but be creative, tell a story and have fun!
  2. Post to your Instagram and use #SummerUnleashed and whilst it’s not a condition of entry, we would encourage you to use #VisitGeelongBellarine
  3. The competition is open from Sunday December 1st 2019 – February 29th  2020
  4. If you want you can register to receive email updates during the campaign. Registration can be done at
  5. During February a people’s choice vote off will occur.

Entrants will get evaluated based on the below selection criteria:

  • Unique perspective, creativity
  • Promoting experiences and destinations in the Greater Geelong and Bellarine region (including Moorabool Valley and the Borough of Queenscliffe)
  • How well the content inspires and captures the audience
  • People’s Choice

You must agree to all Rules, Terms & Conditions as described in the terms and conditions.

By posting a video or image with #SummerUnleashed” hashtag on Instagram or Facebook (and any other social media platform), it is indicated that the consent, permission to use tagged image is given to Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine. It is also confirmed that Terms and Conditions are fully read and understood.

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